Sunday, 8 July 2012

20 Best Mehndi Designs for Girls Designs for Eid Ul Fitr 2013

 Designs for Eid Ul Fitr and Eid-ul-Uzha 2013-2014marve

Marvellous and simple Mehndi portraits  for Teen Girls.
Mehndi (Henna) is the old tradition for girls on the occasion of Shaadi and Eid.  Kids, Teen Girls even women love to design good mehndi on their hands and feet. Every one like to have beautiful design and unique one from other.
There are different kinds of Mehndi designs available
- Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2013-2014
- Indian Mehndi Designs 2013-2014
- Arabic Mehndi Designs 2013-2014
- Italian Mehndi Designs 2013-2014
There four major designs are used now a days for Eid and Shaadi mehndi. Girls try to buy mehndi designs book to copy that designs. Many designs are very easy but some designs re very complex to draw them on hand or feet.
We have make collection of simple and beautiful mehndi designs for girls and women. These designs are taken from above four mentioned categories.
Mehndi Designs are also know as Hennah Designs. There is not difference between them.  On Eid, Kids, Girls with their friends gathered and make mehndi designs one day before eid day.
The best 20 Mehndi Designs are given below
Beautiful Mehndi Design for Hand 
 Arabic Mehndi Design
Mehndi Design for Arm
 Beautiful Mehndi design
 Easy Mhndi Design for hand
Foot mehndi Design
Top Mehndi Design
8) Easy Mehndi Design for your hand
 New Mehandi Portrait  Design for Paksitani girls
New Mehandi Portrait  Design for Arm
Leaves design for hand
 Indian Mehndi Design
 Arabic Mehndi Design – Easy one
 Indian Mehndi Design
 Mehndi Design for teen girl hand
 Mehndi Design for Kids
 Arabic Hennah Design – Strip Design
Italic New Mehandi Portrait 
 Easy Mehndi Design for Kids hands
 Simple Mehndi Design
Mehndi Design for Neck





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